It takes an African company to really understand the challenges of connecting businesses in Africa. And Liquid VSAT most definitely is from Africa and for Africa.

We know that there are places that fibre hasn't reached and won't for quite some time. It's why Liquid VSAT offers you business-speed internet via satellite anywhere in Africa. If you're a bank we make it possible to open fully-linked branches in remote towns. If you're a mine we'll enable you to operate seamlessly miles from anywhere. If you're in the tourism industry we'll help your beautifully isolated Safari lodge offer customers internet connections they'd expect when paying for a luxury getaway. And these are just a few of the ways our award-winning satellite service can help African businesses flourish. 

In short, Liquid VSAT makes high-speed internet possible for business in Africa, no matter where that business is. 

We're the first operator, African or otherwise, to build a satellite hub at Teraco Earth Station in South Africa. It gives us the reliability to offer KU-Band and C-Band options to suit your business needs, even in the most under-serviced and remote parts of Africa.

This is business – speed internet. 

We buy bandwidth upfront, so it is ready the moment you need it. This means higher connectivity speeds with our KU-Band product giving you up to 60% faster webpage loading times. 

All the data your business needs 

Our range of services includes packages giving you access to all your data allowance, all the time. That means your business won't be slowed down by restrictions on daily usage or downloads 

We grow together

We believe in the potential of African business. It's why our satellite offering supports up to 30 users for businesses but can scale up as your business grows.

Speed and support come as standard 

Because successful businesses need to move fast, so do we. Managed by our dedicated logistics department, VSAT kits are kept in stock across Africa allowing for the quickest installation turnaround times possible. Once installed, you'll also have 24/7 support by phone and email as well our engineers in the field.