Enterprise voice

Enterprise voice

Next Generation Voice is a brand new phone service that literally is the next generation of landline calling. Essentially it’s high quality digital calls over our super-fast fibre network instead of analog copper wires –offering unmatched voice clarity.

Enterprise Voice is the next generation of landline services in Zimbabwe providing unrivalled digital quality calls and unmatched voice clarify courtesy of Liquid Telecom's super-fast fibre network. 

The service replaces analogue copper wires to create a list of endless benefits including reducing telephony bills by up to 35%; providing a complete phone system that allows for call switching, routing and queuing; and robust, reliable fibre technology which allows for complete scalability – providing added value for business users.

You can contact us today on +263 8677 030 000 or alternatively visit our enquiry form.
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What is next generation voice?

Next Generation Voice offers reliability at a much better price – save up to 35% on your communication bills.

The difference in call clarity and reliability, as well as the value-added business services means Next Generation Voice is an essential platform to improve your business communications and increase productivity. It enhances business efficiency with crystal clear calls to any destination in the world.


How do I get it?

Transitioning to our Next Generation Voice service is simple and requires only a Liquid Telecom fibre connection. We can then integrate the service using one of two options: utilising your legacy PABX or by installing a state-of-the-art IP Telephone system. 

Option 1: Integration with your legacy PABX

We can convert or upgrade your legacy PABX equipment to enable the Next Generation Voice Service.

This is achieved by installing in-line IP Gateways between your lease line telecoms trunks (e.g. Analogue, BRI or PRI) and your existing PBX.  Incoming calls are routed through the PBX, while outgoing calls are 'captured' by the IP Gateway and diverted over alternative IP trunks.

In-line IP Gateways offer the advantage of multiple 'failover' outbound routes, where calls are re-routed to the traditional telecoms trunks, should the VoIP service be of unreliable quality and/or unavailable.

A Budget Router enables a pre-assigned number of call minutes per trunk per month, supporting usages of existing "premi-cell" contract minutes, to ensure existing GSM contracts are utilised until the end of your contract.

This option can be installed extremely quickly with no impact on your existing PBX and so you won't need a third party to provide any PBX configuration changes under SLA.

Option 2: Installation of a new IP telephone system

Next Generation Voice with a state-of-the-art IP telephone system will make your business communications future-proof, enabling you to take advantage of all the significant developments in technology that are making businesses faster, more efficient and adding to the bottom line.

After a seamless installation, the IP PBX provides your company with additional services such as voicemail, voice recording, contact centre, conferencing and switchboard. These services can also be accessed remotely, ensuring staff are always accessible and in contact with your clients.  It also enables multi-branch enterprises to centralise their telephone services, lowering monthly call costs.

A new IP telephone system provides complete peace of mind that you will always be connected, with access from multiple redundant networks (e.g. wired telco networks, GSM, CDMA, WiFi etc). 

Yealink T21 P – IP extensions

Designed for both corporate office and residential users.

  • TI TITAN chipset & TI voice engine
  • 3-line LCD
  • 2 x VOIP accounts
  • High-definition audio
  • Broad range of voice codecs and security protection for privacy
  • Includes wall-mounted headset, PoE and PnP auto-provision
  • Works seamlessly with IP-PBX
  • HD voice: HD codec, HD handset, HD speaker
  • 31 keys including 9 function keys
  • Voicemail, Intercom
  • Local phonebook
Yealink T21 P – IP extensions

Yealink SIP-T38G

With high resolution colour display, the T38G IP phone offers brilliant presentation of caller information.

  • HD handset and HD speaker
  • HD codec (G.722), giving unrivalled, life-like audio experience, plus a host of telephony features to increase efficiency
  • TI Aries chipset and TI voice engine
  • Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet (Router & Switch)
  • PoE support
  • 4.3" TFT-LCD, 480 x 272 pixel, 16.7M colours
  • Colour picture called-ID, screensaver, wallpaper
  • Convenient and intuitive user structure
  • Headset, EHS support, LCD expansion module
Yealink SIP-T38G


The ideal all-in-one voice and data solution for the small office or homeworking environment.

  • Customer type: SOHO
  • Users (extensions): Up to 100
  • Simultaneous calls: Up to 32
  • Memory capacity: 16GB SD
  • Recording capacity: 450,000 mins


Take your business to the next generation: a distributed, scalable and extensive communication solution for the enterprise user.

  • Customer type: Enterprise
  • Users (extensions): up to 1000
  • Simulataneous calls: Up to 720
  • Memory capacity: 128GB SSD
  • Recording capacity: 900,000 mins

Some of our customers

Benefits of next generation voice

  • Save money – reduces your communication bills by up to 35% with free calls to other 08677 numbers and reduced costs for all other calls.
  • Pay only for usage – the only landline service to offer per second billing and so you only pay for what you use.
  • Unmatched voice clarity & reliability – runs on our super-fast fibre network.  No disruptions in bad weather and you'll always be connected.
  • Quick and easy to install – seamlessly integrated into your existing telephone system or a new IP telephone system quickly implemented for you.
  • Future-proof & scalable – any required upgrades or system expansion can be quickly and easily enabled – never charge your system again.  Also supports advanced phone services such as video calling and instant messaging, keeping you at the forefront of technology.

Features at a glance

  • FREE calls to any 08677 number
  • Free branch-to-branch calls
  • One company phone number + Direct Inward Dial (DID) for each employee
  • Remote extension set up for home working
  • Free voice conferencing on our bridge number 08677 000 000
  • Call forwarding
  • Call queuing, Interactive Voice Responsive (IVR) & messaging – ensure your inbound calls are always answered
  • HD voice calls
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • 24-hour support

What is HD voice?

High Definition (HD) voice is a technology that delivers at least twice the sound compared to a typical Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) delivered on a landline through the world's analog circuit switched phone network.  

HD voice benefits:

  • Better comprehension and clarity, especially useful in long detailed and/or technical discussions
  • Easier understanding in multi-national / multi-liungual conversations
  • More accurate transcriptions (both human and automated)

In short, everything involving voice is better in HD voice, be it simple person-to-person calls, an international conference discussion, or a speech-to-text process.

For HD voice phones to talk to each other, the key is bandwidth, transcoding, and interconnection.  Liquid Telecom provides this solution carried on our fibre network to ensure smooth HD voice calls.  Clients already on Liquid Telecom fibre can sign-up for this service immediately and enjoy HD calls.


Yealink T27 P

The ideal receptionist phone, designed for business users who need rich telephony features, security and the best voice quality.

  • HD voice
  • 48 keys
  • Large, high-resolution graphical display – 160 pixel graphical LCD
  • Two-port 10/100 ethernet switch
  • PoE support
  • Up to 6 SIP accounts
  • Headset, EHS support
  • Supports expansion modules
  • Simple, flexible and secure provisioning options
  • Supports the security standards TLS, SRTP, HTTPS, 802.1x
  • Open VPN and AES encryption to protect against electronic eavesdropping and data theft
Yealink T27 P

Yealink W52P/W52H

Designed for small business and SoHo looking for immediate cost savings but also scalability.

  • Exceptional HD sound with wideband technology
  • Up to 4 simultaneous external calls
  • Up to 5 DECT cordless handsets
  • Up to 5 VoIP accounts
  • 1.8” color display with intuitive user interface
  • 10 hours talk time, 100 hours standby time
  • Integrated PoE (Class 1)
  • Desktop or wall mountable
  • Intercom, call transfer, call forward, 3-way conferencing, PoE etc
Yealink W52P/W52H


The complete communications solution in a box. An all-in-one voice and data solution for the SME.

  • Customer type: SME
  • Users (extensions): Up to 250
  • Simultaneous calls: Up to 120
  • Memory capacity: 60GB SSD
  • Record capacity: 450,000 mins


Yealink VP-530

An advanced executive level IP video phone perfect for Next Generation Voice and video calls.

  • 2M CMOS camera
  • 7” 800x480 digital LCD
  • Touch screen 
  • HD voice
  • Full-duplex speakerphone
  • 4 VoIP accounts
  • 3-way video conferencing
  • Intercom
  • Total directory solution
  • Door phone application
Yealink VP-530