Carrier wholesale

Carrier wholesale

Liquid Telecom is literally a ground-breaking company. We are laying fibre all over Africa, building the largest independent fibre network on the continent, crossing borders where no fixed network existed before.

Our Network

Our network provides connectivity to the five main subsea cable systems – TEAMS, SAT 3, SEACOM, WACS and EASSy. Above all, we guarantee our services – a promise we can make and keep since we carry your traffic over our own network and offer one of the best SLAs on the continent.

Voice Interconnect

  • Because we have our own infrastructure, we don't rely on others. So we can guarantee high-quality direct routes in and out of Africa.
  • We're present in all the world's biggest connection points and offer IP or traditional voice circuits with guaranteed SLAs.
  • We're flexible, offering voice services over fibre or satellite.

IP Transit

  • Our Global IP Transit service offers high-grade connectivity at 10Mbps and above. Whether you require multi-megabit for your ISP operation or a distributed platform for your SME and larger corporate clients, we can provide the right solution. To be eligible for this option, you must have your own Autonomous System (AS) Number.
  • With our established Internet backbone we can offer 99.99% availability and we have 300+ peers in London and Africa on established internet exchanges – and we connect at more African Internet Exchanges than any other operator.
  • We deliver connectivity with the shortest path ensuring better quality and the lowest latency access.
  • Our international links connect Africa to Europe over multiple undersea paths and we also have a local African IXP coverage being present at BINX, ZINX, ZIXP, UIXP and RINEX.
  • Our strong relationship with global content providers, ISPs and Tier 1 carriers ensures low latency and consistent performance.
  • The ability to ‘burst' above subscribed bandwidth gives customers the option to access more bandwidth for subscribed busy periods – a genuine cost-saving solution.
  • Our IP backbone is resilient and offers low latency which improves end users' experience whilst also being cost effective.
  • We offer IPV6 support across the continent to ensure your services are future-proof.
  • We offer ‘Remote Peering' and have developed a specialist product called IX Connect which allows anyone with an AS number, in countries where we have coverage, to connect to IXPs in Africa and the rest of the world. This delivers great value as you don't have to commit to more/less bandwidth than you need or invest in expensive equipment and host it in foreign data centres. You control your own traffic and develop your own peering relationships.
  • Currently we are LINX Connection partners and Jinx Anywhere.
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Metro Access Circuits

  • Liquid Telecom is building Metro Ethernet Networks in all of the African countries where we have a national network.
  • These are created using either Native Ethernet or MPLS infrastructure, which ensures that the latest secure and reliable connectivity technologies are available. If a problem occurs we can re-route immediately to ensure your connection is maintained at all times.

National LC

  • We provide innovative backhaul solutions for mobile network operators.
  • Our fibre network spans over 50,000km across borders, where no fixed network has existed before. This delivers a faster service with high-speed data throughout and bandwidth, lower latency and more capacity - and to more African countries than any other operator.
  • We confidently guarantee clear transmission quality with minimum transmission delays backed by 24/7/365 NOC support.

International MPLS

  • We are the carriers' carrier of choice and can work in a variety of partnership models to fulfil the needs and strategies of individual companies.
  • We offer the most secure, robust and redundant data networks anywhere in Africa. 
  • We own our end-to-end infrastructure so we can always retain control.
  • We provide point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity services, and our network has been created to deliver video, data and voice on a single local connection.
  • Our network operation centres operate 24/7/365 so we can fix faults before you'd realise there was one.
  • We've established NNI partnerships in a variety of locations and are moving towards MEF compliance.
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  • Our International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) service is for customers who require a point-to-point private line for Internet access, business data exchange, video conferencing and other forms of telecommunication.
  • A premium, dedicated product delivered over reliable fibre and providing uncontended symmetrical speeds. This solution is secure, high-quality and cost-effective.
  • We offer TDM, EoSDH and DWDM – on lease terms and IRUs – but we're happy to work with other IXPs.

Data Centre Hosting

 East Africa Data Centre

  • Liquid Telecom Group owns the first custom-built, carrier-neutral Data Centre in East Africa - the East Africa Data Centre in Nairobi.
  • Designed to meet international standards and ensure the stable day-to-day running of communication equipment and application systems: a vital consideration for organisations requiring secure storage and assured handling of critical data.
  • The centre is the largest on the continent outside of South Africa, covering 2,000m2 on four floors, with each floor offering 160 racks. It can accommodate 47U high cabinets with maximum air-flow ventilation. Customer racks are installed on a raised surface with a clearance of 900mm that can support a floor load minimum of 1200kg per m2.
  • It is a Tier 3 Data Centre with dual input power and CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioner), and offers high reliability by operating multiple redundancy systems to counter any potential issues. It has a dedicated management team, global-standard security capability and 24/7/365 on-site support.
  • East Africa Data Centre has access to carrier networks across Kenya; long distance fibre routes to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and Somalia. And we provide fibre routes to the cable landing station in Mombasa.
  • With reliable power, security, connectivity, fire prevention and 24/7 support, we deliver peace of mind to all our customers and carriers using the Nairobi Centre. We also have Data Centres in Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

For more information visit: East Africa Data Centre

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Carrier Wholesale Case studies

  • Helping Econet connect the unconnected: Liquid Telecom provides satellite backhaul for cellular base stations in rural Zimbabwe.
  • Zambian universities and research institutions get fast, reliable broadband: Liquid Telecom provides first cross-border link for research and education networks in east and southern Africa.