Our recent donations include:

Higher Life Foundation

Higher Life Foundation is made up of the Capernaum Trust, Joshua Nkomo Scholarship Fund, National Healthcare Trust Zimbabwe and Christian Community Partnership Trust. 

Liquid Telecom gives free internet connectivity to the foundation for all their education hubs and many satellite operations across Zimbabawe. So far we have provided high quality connectivity which connects thirty three separate sites. 

We are proud and honoured to continue to support The Higher Life Foundation and are grateful for their recent recognition of our services at their annual awards.

Musha Mukadzi Trust 

Musha Mukadzi Trust provides health care to disadvantaged children across Zimbabwe who suffer from cancer.

Liquid Telecom bought a CT scanner for cancer screening and scanning so that the Musha Mukadzi Trust is now able to offer their services for free to the nations poor and disadvantaged. 

Sipepa High School Computers

We believe that everyone has the right to connectivity, no matter where they're located. The Sipepa High School is located in rural Tsholotsho in Matebelaland South Province.  

Liquid Telecom have donated computers to the school and using thin-client computing have connected them all to one Central Processing Unit (CPU) which we've connected to the internet via our high speed VSAT service.  

In this rural location, it's the only way to connect these children to the world of information available to them on the internet.